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ahn jae wook
tell him, tell us
젣紐 Never must all your korean people be caught in a trap from those same shallow korean politicians.
옉꽦옄 : Younghyun Kim 議고쉶 : 89 옉꽦씪 : 2017.02.26 19:24

To Ahn,

 Let this weak and mere low-educated world/korean worldling give a chance to introduce a foreign reporter's vivid proof to attest the worst's military regime's inner situations and our poor northern people's predicament of life. At first, it starts with a korean language and after that, will make an easy composition in English.


It is followings ;

 븳 쇅援씤 湲곗옄媛 븳 븘씠뿉寃 臾쇱뿀떎. 紐 궡씠땲? 뒗 븘솄궡엯땲(硫)떎.(A foreign reporter told a poor child. How old are you? I'm 9 years old.) 뼱뼸寃 뿬湲곌퉴吏 삤寃뚮맂땲?(How did you end up coming here?) 쓽 뾼留덇 瑜 룎蹂댁떆湲곗쐞븯뿬 끂젰븯뀲吏(뵒)슂. 洹몃윭굹 뾼留덇 留먯븯떆湲곕 꼫臾 踰낆감援щ굹(옒씠 뱾援щ굹)!(My mom tried to look after or care for or raise me, but she said it was too hard.) 洹몃옒꽌 뒗 吏묒쓣 굹솕吏(뵒)슂. 洹몃옒꽌 吏湲 諛붽묑뿉꽌 궡吏(뵒) 샊 끂닕븯吏슂.(So, I left home and now I live outside.) 븘留덈룄 洹 븘땲뒗 媛 怨녹씠 뾾씠 씠由ъ由 룎븘떎땲뒗 븘씠 씪 벏 떢떎.(Maybe that poor child/girl would be wandering around without a place to go.) 븘二 뿀由꾪븳 샆쓣 엯怨 엳뿀떎.(She wore a very shabby garment or apparel.)

 洹 湲곗옄媛 삉 떎瑜 븘씠 븳뀒 臾쇱뿀떎.(The reporter asked or required another child.) 솢 꼫쓽 뙏씠 뾾땲?(Why don't you have an arm?) 湲곗감濡 씤빐 뙏씠 뾾뒿땲(꽕)떎.(It got cut off by a train.) 洹몃읆, 癒뱀쓣 寃껉낵 옒 怨녹 엳땲?(So, you have food and a place to sleep?) 뾾뒿꽕(땲)떎.(I don't have anys, now.) 誘몄븞븯援щ굹!(I'm so sorry for you.) 씠寃껉컳怨 臾댁뾿씠굹 궗癒뱀쑝졃!(Buy something to eat with this.)

 븳 븘씠媛 吏굹媛뒗 궗엺뱾뿉寃 룉쓣 援ш구뻽떎.(A gaunt/emaciated child begged money from passers-by.) 洹 븘씠뒗 留먰뻽떎. 뿉寃 紐 뫜留 二쇱떗떆슂. 洹몄 10 꽱듃씪룄.(That haggerd child said; Give me a little money. Just 10 cents.) Ahn! This is your Korea's shameful portrait.

 After saw those features, this weak and mere low-educated world worldling weeps tears of blood. To make matters worse, all your shallow politicians were always pretending and behaving, as if those all or those owns are shedding tears of blood for your poor northern people, and those all from the ruling party to the opposition parties are trying to becoming your country's President. Never will all your korean people entrust this country to those same shallow humans. Good luck!

  2017. 02. 26. in Suwon, Incheon, Seoul, Sokcho, Kangneung, and at Dokdo Islets at East Sea from Younghyun kim

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