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ahn jae wook
tell him, tell us
젣紐 This country needs a lot of the enlightened who can take a philosophical view of life, positively and earnestly.
옉꽦옄 : Younghyun Kim 議고쉶 : 49 옉꽦씪 : 2017.04.08 16:50

To Ahn,

 Good to see you, again via this wireless internet gadget! Unfortunately, your whole Korea is still at a loss which way to go after the presidential impeachment and excommunication. And what was worst, your Korean left and those all, so-called hopefuls for the next presidency, whom are wholly ineligible for becoming the next President, are ecstactic or in all gaiety since its early presidential election was decided upon or settled.

 Our Ahn! This weak and mere low-educated world worldling hopes the conservatives to let themselves indoctrinate/brainwash all korean people into the country's righteous national philosophy or principle envisaged on the founding of the whole Korea. Can you join it?

 Our Ahn! ^^^If I want to enter your school, what scores would I need and get so as to go in for your school's first certificate, that is, Englis exam?^^^ Please you do its utmost efforts to give your full backing for this uneducated world worldling, who was always yearning for its life-long learning + education,!  But this mere low-educated world worldling will never see the country's life-long learning as way up in korean society. Will you?

  Have a great bond with this world's countless numbers of the poor people and always be in good health!

  2017. 04. 08. in Suwon, Sokcho, Kangneung, Incheon, Seoul, and at Dokdo Islets at East Sea from Younghyun Kim

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떎쓬湲 For a better world and an enlightened human!