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ahn jae wook
tell him, tell us
젣紐 For a better world and an enlightened human!
옉꽦옄 : Younghyun Kim 議고쉶 : 33 옉꽦씪 : 2017.04.18 17:11

To Ahn,

 As that obvious vernal season, Spring, already has arrived, the people are focusing on their own life/lives to be a flamboyant or fruitful one of the year. But most of them, what is worse, hate reflecting on themselves and above all, those all were making a frenzied search for letting themselves implicate others in trouble. Moreover, those all are now insinuating that their private life and those all's undeniable avarice were bound to get the whole world in hands.

 Our Ahn! This disinterested world/korean worldling won't permit those all's reckless behaviours. tactily. Would you as a korean celebrity please not connivance or condone those all the whole? And can you as a public figure ring the bell that your South Korea is always preparing for our era's worst's military regime, North Korean military regime sudden collapse might be right now or anytime since that cruel tyrannical military regime itself was definitely changing. That's why it is a duty as a korean to get around to or get interested in your northern people-related problem.

 Ahn! Is your study going well? Don't forget that treading the path of learning is difficult for all students of graduate schools to maintain itself during each's course of their life, particularly, while in school. This mere low-educated korean worldling hopes our Ahn to write his dissertation or treatise ASAP and first of all, to place on an equal footing with your/his thesis director in 4 to 5 years as an envious korean scholar. Can you? If so, your Ahn's wise wife and 's precious daughter would or will be proud of as her husband and her father.

 In closing, always stay with all world people's adversities of life and also, be our era's best husband and father, never can who be being insinuated that itself has affairs(諛붾엺뵾吏 留덈 留먯엫 in korean)! Good luck and seeya if could be possible!

  2017. 04. 18. in Suwon, Sokcho, Kangneung, Incheon, Seoul, and at Dokdo Islets at East Sea from Younghyun Kim

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