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ahn jae wook
tell him, tell us
젣紐 Spring is the perfect season for an outing.
옉꽦옄 : Younghyun Kim 議고쉶 : 25 옉꽦씪 : 2017.04.29 16:37

To Ahn,

As you are aware, Spring is the perfect season for its springtime outing with all people whom want to enjoy its plesaure of springtime. Did you or planning to go out for picnics? Ahn! Your South Korea's the early presidential race/election was tumultuous or boisterous all around the country after the first female President had excommunicated and impeached. What candidate do you determine to elect the next President?

Ahn! ^^^What times did your wise wife pay her postmarriage visit to her native home? Never yet or in the nearest future? A simple query? How much do you earn your allowance every month and what do you spend on your monthly allowance?^^^ This disinterested world worldling hopes Ahn to donate your big revenues or allowance to your Korea's poor childs and the elderly without any kinds of prerequisites. Can you or will you?


  2017. 04. 29. in Suwon, Sokcho, Kangneung, Incheon, Seoul, and at Dokdo Islets at East Sea from Younghyun Kim

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