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ahn jae wook
tell him, tell us
젣紐 This is something what must we do something for changing and correcting the cruel militgary regime, North Korea.
옉꽦옄 : Younghyun Kim 議고쉶 : 62 옉꽦씪 : 2017.07.04 17:20

Dear Ahn,

 Today, the sweltering weather is still on the go all around the country, even though a typhoon is coming or approaching to near Jeju Island. To make matters worse, our time's the worst's military regime, North Korea is still bantering this world and your South Korea, that is, choosing them as the tyrannical military one's parters to flirt with or make a mock of, such as launching a ballistic-missile off the East Sea.

 Our Ahn! This weak and mere low-educated world worldling urges all world countries including your South Korea to work with themselves on to banish(or oust) Kim Jongun and all his blind sycophants, known as the worst's human scumbags of our time, from our international soceity. As you are aware, this world and South Korea were always repeating to say to the mad military regime, such as bringing those all to the internaional court of justice + imposing its big sanction on those human garbages' human atrocities + massacre + human rights abuses + . . ., and all sorts of fatally criminal deeds/acts.

 Needless to say, never can this weak world worldling look on with folded arms to let this world and the Republic of Korea look away the oppressed people in this world, that is, over 200.000's north korean political prisoners + those all, not the North's privilleged classes. It is time to protect those all from Kim Jongun and all his followers' evil acts/deed. Being chaffed all of us and the whole countries, occuring by the worst's puppet military regime already run rampant. If those human scumbags' misdeed contines, then your whole korea and this world will no longer be free or get free from those same world troublemakers' evil acts and 's extensive & intensive breaches of proper international order, once again. Never will all mankind and the whole countries neglect to straighten or correct those human garbages' unforgivable deed/acts. Good luck to this world!

  Kind Regards

  2017. 07. 04. in Suwon, Seoul, Sokcho, Gangneung, Chuncheon and at East Sea at Dokdo Island from Younghyun Kim

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