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ahn jae wook
tell him, tell us
젣紐 We humans shoulud have done for this world and for all mankind.
옉꽦옄 : Younghyun Kim 議고쉶 : 416 옉꽦씪 : 2017.12.07 19:59

Dear "Ahn",

 Long time no see! This disinterested world/korean worldling can't help but call for this world and the likes of your same world celebrities whom those own can do its best with their unlimited capabilities fully to assuage a lot of world sufferers' adversities + that forced to do so, however, this world and all humanity/mankind were not allowed to relax and enjoy, given its rampantly aggravating world situation and your korean peninsula situation the world was always facing and confronting in its unreasonable world affairs and above all, in our era's worst military regime, pyongyang's ongoing evils. What do you think about that?

 Mr. Ahn! As you and this uneducated world worldling are aware, our shameful humans' great teacher, told """Buddha""" ; all it takes for evil to prevail over the world is for a few good men and women to do nothing, even our same humans already knew that there were being able to try, so that let itself not be nothing, that our own should have kept it out of this world, just being nominal.  Ahn!  Are this world and we humans going to stop prevailing every countries' pan-national and -soical evils, which run rampant, till then, not only this world and a few good world people can/could change this world and correct a countless number of arrogant humans, but also let our era's the enlightened people find its proper solutions that may be of helpful to straighten this world's all absurd and unreasonable things out of those all?

 Ahn! As we know, this world and all mankind must not falter making all world evildoers or tourblemakers be safe behind bars or be faced up to the death penalty, regarded as a last resort of our era's all the oppressed and the weak people's every single life to be protected those all from those same heinous humans since this world was always told to have it itself put a tightened law in force. To make matters worse, there in this world was always having a maximum impact on whether this world and all our humans can go right or can't.

  In closing, this weak world worldling as a korean male hopes this world and all the world people to let those all always be happy and be in pursuit of each's consideration for everyone in terms of letting themselve go to meet the end of the year and New Year's days. And for this world for all mankind, everything turns out as each wished. Moreover, those all don't forget being a co-existing world friend with each other in the universe and on the earth. Good luck to all mankind!


   2017. 12. 07. in Suwon and Seoul from Younghyun Kim 


씠쟾湲 In favor of a reliable and a safe country!
떎쓬湲 For cayying a thing of this year to perfection!