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ahn jae wook
tell him, tell us
젣紐 Happy New Year!
옉꽦옄 : Younghyun Kim 議고쉶 : 419 옉꽦씪 : 2017.12.24 16:20

Dear 'Ahn",

 The eve of commemorating "Jejus's the love of all mankind + his unlimited spirit of sacrifice toward all our humanity is drawing near since has it be barely with one day left, that is, Chirstmas is tomorrow. Are you ready to make/have a special day with your wise wife and cute daughter? Yongin Theme Park or Forkvillage or Duty free stores or Grand department stores or a church? Where will you be?

  Ahn! A simple query? Beyond a little title, how would you describe what do you do for a living? Appearing/starring in its abundant works or being obtained a master's degree frm Yonsei Graduate School for the studies of social welfare or other schemes/plans? Good luck!

  In closing, this world needs a lot of world sages/wise men who can bring this world to nomal direction and whom can defeat all world evildoers/troublemakers. This weak and mere low-eudcated world worldling hopes the next year, 2018, to be of good omen for all mankind and world justice + world peace.

  Best Wishes/Sincerely

 2017. 12. 24. in Suwon and Seoul from Younghuyun Kim


씠쟾湲 For cayying a thing of this year to perfection!
떎쓬湲 End the year on a good note and Happy New Year!