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ahn jae wook
tell him, tell us
젣紐 Hello AJW
옉꽦옄 : M 議고쉶 : 96 옉꽦씪 : 2021.06.15 08:34

Hi AJW oppa, annyeonghaseyo!

I have only found out your Instagram and this website until recently - sorry. Having gone through your posts bit by bit, I feel I have missed out on you so much all these years! Hope it셲 not too late catch up now.

The moment I saw your name in the casting list of 쁌ouse the drama, I got so excited and all the memories have come back. The first time I knew you was Kang Min in Star in My Heart back in 1997 when I was 14 years old. The whole China (maybe the whole Asia or world) got crazy for you. However, I started to lose track on you after moving overseas.

20+ years passed in a blink. Now I have started a family and lived overseas for nearly 10 years. And you have started your lovely family too. But so glad I finally found you here and so glad you are still here, well, happy and still performing.

The young man once singing rock music with pop hairstyle and several buttons on his shirt undone now becomes a mature man performing musicals. What셲 unchanged is the sweetest and most charming smile and the softest and most comforting voice. They definitely light up the cold gloomy winter days, particularly the prolonged COVID lockdown time.

I play your songs to my little daughter and tell her that you are my very first and only favourite Korean actor and singer.

It셲 a pity I can셳 watch your musicals from outside of Korea. However, I wonder if it셲 possible to put all your songs on iTunes Store for us to purchase and download?

I셫 one of the 쁰uiet supporters of yours but I know there are lots of others like me. When life is too tough, your beautiful smile and voice help us to gain courage to carry on. This hasn셳 changed for over 20 years.

Not sure if you can see this at all.

Wish you and your family well and happy forever. Always support you. Enjoy your well deserved family time!

Love 댇鵝 ai ni XXX


씠쟾湲 Welcome back!
떎쓬湲 Summer again